Changes in the Marshal’s committee!

15 Apr 2017 12:24
Some changes have occurred in the committee. HMBIA News has already covered this in the previous articles. Vitaliy Makaryan (Ukraine), marshal of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations” since 2012 told us more about that.
Vitaliy Makaryan: “There is no head of the committee now. Positions of the marshal’s committee administrator, marshal arbiter and the marshal’s board were introduced instead. This system has been in work for a couple of months and it shows quite good results”.
HMBIA News knows that the newly created positions are already occupied by such representatives of the HMB movement:

Administrator – Ekaterina Polikarpova

Arbiter – Srgey Myasischev

The marshal’s board includes Oleg Lukyanov, Vitaliy Makaryan, Maciej Reihl, Georgiy Yurchak, Aleksei Gorbachenko, Ilya Schur.

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