Mikhail Morgulis (Israel): “… Everyone will do their best to achieve victory”

15 Apr 2017 13:26
National team of Israel have been shifting through the tournament table for many years and it always makes their fans happy with the results. HMBIA News asked Mikhail Morgulis, captain of the National team of Israel what plans do guys have for 2017.

Mikhail Morgulis: “Our team is formed, but it isn’t complete. There are no qualifying tournaments in particular, instead, there is going to be a training camp on April 14-15. It is open to everyone”.

The national team of Israel will take part in a couple of categories this year: male league – 5×5, Polearm, sword-buckler; female league – 3×3, Polearm. Israel will also participate in non-battle nomination “Best female authentic costume”. Daria Volkova, who has already won on the Championship in Prague in 2015, will participate in that nomination.

As is right and proper for a real captain Mikhail believes in his team, however, considers the participation in the “Battle of the Nations” – 2017 pragmatically.

Mikhail Morgulis: “I take things realistically and I don’t think that this year we will go far, having only five people in the team. The team is not full, there are not many experienced fighters, a few freshmen and we don’t train together enough. But I won’t belittle the team’s strength as well. Everyone is persistent and motivated. I believe that everyone will do their best to achieve victory”. HMIBA News would like to thank Mikhail for an interview and wishes team Israel to fight decently and get some experience. We, on our part, will inform our readers about all the teams’ activities and results.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania