Antonio De Zio (Italy) about his National team…

19 Apr 2017 12:30
Selection tournaments in Italy finished in March and everybody is ready to go to Barcelona to participate in HMB Word Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017. That`s what Antonio De Zio, captain of the National team of Italy told HMBIA News.

According to Mr. De Zio, Italians will take part in such nominations: “Polearm”, “Sword and Shield”, “Sword and buckler” and “Longsword” both for men and women, “5vs5″ (3 teams), “21vs21″, “3vs3″ (with woman as a mercenary) and non-fighting category “Best civil clothes”.

Antonio De Zio: “This year we spent more time to train in “21vs21″ and we also have more reserves, so I hope we can get further than ever before”.

Antonio is well-known and experienced HMB fighter and this year we will have the opportunity to see him fighting again.

Antonio De Zio: “Even though I had decided to no longer participate in the fighting of “5vs5″ two years ago, wanted to leave my place to younger fighters and dedicate myself more to the national organization, this is the second time that I return to fight in my old club. So, I also participated in the selections and we qualified as “Italy 2″. I decided to participate in “21vs21″ and “5vs5″ in “Battle of the Nations”-2017″.

HMBIA News is sure, that Italy will show the good fights. Also, we would like to thank Antonio De Zio for the interview and wish the National Team of Italy great fights and good results.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania