Harvy Palmer (USA): “… the greatest honor is found where the greatest difficulty lies”

22 Apr 2017 10:15
National team of USA is one of the most experienced teams in HMB-sport. All their fights are interesting and tough. This year USA will come to HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017 with all their forces. These sportsmen are planning to show themselves in all the fighting categories. HMBIA News had an opportunity to contact with Harvey Palmer, captain of the National team of USA and captain of HMB-club “Iron Phoenix” (USA). He told us a lot about the team. USA will take part in such nominations as: “5vs5″, “21vs21″, “AllvsAll” for male and duels for both the male and female fighters.
Harvy Palmer: “USA will compete with 3 primary, and two secondary teams. “Iron Phoenix”, “Black Swan”, “Ordo Draconis” for the category “5vs5″ , “Plague Rats” and “Palmetto Knights” for the “21vs21″. There are the maximum number of fighters for both the men’s and women’s divisions, with extras coming in the hopes of a last minute spot or simply to fight in the “AllvsAll”. Also we have over 20 support personnel coming and in future it may well be a possibility to take part in non- fighting categories, but for now we are concentrating on this being a primarily combat oriented enterprise”. Everybody knows that USA is powerful team and HMBIA News wanted to know is there the opponent with whom Americans would like to measure strength most of all. 

Harvey Palmer: “The reason many Americans come to “Battle of the Nations” is the epic diversity of the teams who we oppose; we look forward to fighting all the teams from around the world who come to this field of honor. But, as Aristotle postulated, the greatest honor is found where the greatest difficulty lies, and therefore we look forward with the most eagerness to battling Russia. As for a secret strategy … how could I tell if it was a secret! Let’s just go with our general plan … Win!”

Also, Mr. Palmer told about his cooperation with his team. We think that some of his words should be remembered by everyone, whether a fighter or not!

Harvey Palmer: “As team captain, what I tell the warriors under my command varies depending upon the state and disposition of our opponents. However, one of the tenets that I preach with regularity is to go without fear into the lists, for pain is an illusion of the senses, and despair is an illusion of the mind”.

HMBIA News would like to thank Harvy Palmer for the great interview and wishes the American team tough fights, great opponents and a lot of good impressions after the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania