Moser, Austria: “The mutual respect and camaraderie between the National Teams was a thing to remember and it makes me look forward to the coming seasons!“

05 Dec 2015 12:09

Joris Moser (Thoris Jorikson),
fighter of “VgVK Salzburg” club,
fighter of the National Team of Austria

… Concerning his way to HMB sport

One September day of the year 2013 a friend of mine (Andrej Woltschanskiy) asked me if I wanted to join his training in medieval combat. After a couple of training sessions it was clear to me that I wanted to get the full experience of the sport…

I always wanted to do some kind of competitive contact sport like MMA. Obviously, I didn’t want to get injured too easily, so the idea of wearing armor for protection appealed to me. I understand that injuries can happen in any sport, but being able to hit with full force without or very little possibility of injuring my opponent is awesome!

… Concerning his armor and weapons

I use armor of the 15th century from Central Europe. I chose it to maximize movability without the loss of protection.

As a light guy I prefer the combination of a one-handed weapon and shield, and an opportunity to hit with both hands was a factor in favor of the decision.

… Concerning sports in general

I have been engaged in shotokan karate for more than 15 years. My experience in karate helps me with my balance, kicks, throws, wrestling, hand-eye coordination and my feeling of distance, but I have to work harder on my stance and my leading leg.

… Concerning his combat techniques and features

Nothing special besides my good kicks…

… Concerning qualities needed by any HMB fighter

First of all, it’s the ability to really see and recognize what’s happening on the lists, as well as cardio stamina and comfort while moving in armor.

… Concerning trainings and tournament preparations

Everything depends on the tournament. If it is a “triathlon”, I focus on techniques drilling and their combinations. If it is a “buhurt”, we focus on wrestling and team-work. Cardio fitness and strength is a constant factor in our training.

… Concerning his favorite category

“Buhurt” is fun, but I think I prefer “triathlon” because it is more about technique and not so much about size and strength. Also, I am more used to the concept of having one opponent from my karate background.

… Concerning the season of 2014

It was my first season and I would say it was a good one. I participated in around 8 tournaments and events this year, namely “triathlon” tournaments in Germany and Austria, “buhurt” tournaments in Czech Republic and Austria, and a couple of promotion events throughout Austria.

… Concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014

I am very satisfied with the result of my participation in “Battle of the Nations”-2014! I took the place of Andreas Schepetz, who unfortunately got injured a week before “Battle of the Nations” in “Triathlon”.

I took part in “buhurt” and “triathlon”, both with little success. We had very tough opponents and after “Russia 1” flattened us in the very first round, the day did not get much better while facing “Poland 3”, “Israel 1” and “Italy 1”. But none of our fighters got injured and we had a great learning experience.

Is the cutting competition a valid category for this interview?:) If so, I got the third place and for my second time holding a sharp blade I call that a success… ;).

… Concerning the most memorable fight

I would like to face Team Russia again in buhurt, maybe not in the very first fight of the day, but I learned a lot from those quick two rounds! :).

… Concerning the brightest event at “Battle of the Nations”-2014

The mutual respect and camaraderie between the National Teams was a thing to remember and it makes me look forward to the coming seasons!

… Expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015

I hope it is going to be as awesome as the 2014 event!

… Wishes to novices

The most important thing, in my humble opinion, is to always respect your opponent. Don’t take any crap, but never injure your opponent intentionally, as we are all friends outside the lists!


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