Andy Di Francesco: it`s a BOY!!!

07 Mar 2016 16:34

Andy Di Francesco is a famous person in HMB-movement not only in Argentina. She is a well known as a female fighter and leader. She is a regular participant of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” in “1vs1” category and the captain of the National team of Argentina, Andy is also a member of organizational team of different HMB-events, marshal and she is doing everything to develop HMB-sport in her country. She is constantly training in the gym, and is always in great shape.
But now this unbelivable girl is in the best shape ever – she is pregnant. And she told us that it`s a boy! But Andy can`t stop moving.

Andy Di Francesco, HMB-fighter (Argentina):
“I had no bothering symptoms. No vomiting or nausea so, it is a good pregnancy till now. I’m helping in the team training and with the organization of BotN-2016. I have a lot of ideas to this year too, new tournaments and events. I want to get the budget to pay all the tikets to the National team next year, this year with same tournaments and others we can reach to pay half. I should go to gym now, but accurately. I’m lazy now, it is normal for pregnancy period. I was thinking about being a marshall till the baby born. But same boys don’t want me inside the list, by caution… maybe as a line marshal only”.

Andy told us, that despite of her special status, she have plans to go to HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2016. She also has plans for 2017.

“This year I’m planning to go to BotN as a captain… but it will depend on the doctor, I will be on my 7th month… the doctor told me that if everything is ok as now, it will not be a problem to go. However the priority is the security of the baby. But I really want to go. I have bought the tiket, so I don’t expect  to return it. I want to figth in BotN 2017, so I think I will return to trainings as soon as posible. We have some new good girls figthers now, and I will have to compete to be a part of the National team, cause they are younger than me – it will not be easy”.

After having a conversation with Andy, HMBIA News can confidently say that soon we will see the new member of HMB-movement.

“My husband jokes saying he is designing a new system of training to practice when the baby is born with the baby rattle. Will have the same training no matter if is a boy or a girl. Poor baby will have a crazy family :). The baby don’t stop to move in the ultrasound, but it is difficult to see for now. He’s gonna be tough, and I’m not surprised with the parents he have. I think I always knew that it`s a boy, we talk like it is a boy. I don’t know why. The majority think it is a boy because of the shape of my belly and because people say that I’m pretty. But gender is no matter for me, I love it anyway. And will have the same trainning anyway”.

Medieval is the part of their normal life and this family will implement their plans in life. Juan Manuel and Andy are planning to teach baby fencing and share the medieval way of life with their son. Andy told that the dad will be a fencing teacher, because he i sa couch of strategy, tactics and technics and a fighter of the National team of Argentina. But HMB-sport is miscellaneous, so mother and dad can teach their son a lot. Andy already started to make a little kit of civil cloth.

But let`s forget about HMB-sport for one second and we will see just a happy woman that is waiting for a baby.

“I`m happy about my new status. We wanted this baby and thank god we hadn’t to wait for long to get it”.

HMB International Association and HMBIA News congratulates Andy Di Francesco and Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz with such joyful occasion and wishes strong health and many happy moments to this unbelievable family.


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