18 Feb 2018 18:23

Finishing a series of articles about Rome, in which we have already told you which sights are worth visiting, how to enjoy the Italian cuisine and save money on all the above, we decided to invite everyone, who plans to visit the most spectacular event in the HMB world – the World Championship “Battle of the Nations”, to look at Rome from a bird’s eye view. Follow our tips and do not miss the best places to see the “eternal city” in its best light!

Orange Gardens on Aventine hill
The park is located on the top of the Aventine hill, on which the church of Santa Sabina is located. This is one of the seven hills of Rome’s western historic center overlooking the Tiber River. The observation deck is surrounded by a paradise garden with cozy shady alleys. The observation deck in the Orange Garden can be called one of the quietest in Rome – it is an excellent place for a picnic after a sightseeing the city.

The Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica
If you are going to visit St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, do not forget to go up to the observation deck under the dome of the cathedral. Here you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Rome. The whole northern part of Rome, including Prati, Spagna and Colonna districts will appear right in the palm of tour head. There is the beautiful Piazza San Pietro square right in front of you, with a towering obelisk and the Via della Conciliazione boulevard. Unfortunately, the queues here can be incredibly long, and to get to the observation deck, you have to overcome 551 steps or to go up half of them on an elevator for an additional fee. Nevertheless, all these inconveniences are worth enjoying one of the best panoramic views in Rome.
Pincio – Villa Borghese
This terrace is located in the magnificent Villa Borghese. The park is located in the west of Rome, so come here at sunset to enjoy the view of the city in its golden hour! Right under the terrace you will see Piazza del Popolo, and behind it – the charming Prati district. But the main pearl of the viewing platform is the view of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Enjoying the panorama, you can safely stroll through the royal gardens of this beautiful park. This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic panoramic views in Rome.
Il Vittoriano – Piazza Venezia
In order to see the 360-degree panorama of Rome, go to Piazza Venezia square, where you will find the Vittoriano monument. By the way, it was quite a controversial project, as it caused the destruction of the medieval district on top of the Capitol Hill. Until now, many Romans consider the building to be too pompous and noticeable. Nevertheless, the Vittoriano monument offers its visitors an excellent view. To get to it, you have to use the elevator (7 euros per person). From here you will have a beautiful panorama from the famous Via del Corso road in the old center up to Piazza del Popolo on the other end of the Italian capital.
Gianicolo – Janiculum hill
The view from the Janiculum hill can be called one of the most magnificent one – here is a view on the historic center of Rome. Every afternoon, during the last 165 years, a cannon shot proclaims the time of day. Concerning the sights, you can see from the top of the hill: the Pantheon, Vittoriano, the Castle of Saint Angel and St. Peter’s Basilica. To climb this hill, you can either take steep stairs or a longer route along the road.
Known as a city on seven hills, Rome has many terraces and observation platforms, due to which a beautiful view of the city abounds with domes, belfries and monuments. We hope that your staying in the Italian capital during the World Championship “Battle of the Nations” will be comfortable and memorable!
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