“Golden Hand IX” and beautiful female athletes

11 Feb 2018 17:09
As you know, on February 3 in Moscow (Russia) the “Buhurt Challenger. Women’s 3×3″ tournament – “Golden Hand” was held. Despite the fact it is a tournament with its history – it was held for the 9th time, the organizers do not cease to amaze the participants and spectators.

This year, before the start of the tournament, a photo session with female members of HMB movement was organized. Dmitry Krasnov, an organizer of the tournament, told HMBIA News about this photoshoot. Originally, it was his idea of creating such one.

Dmitry Krasnov:
“It was a team work. Alyona Polorotova helped me a lot, as she has a lot of experience with cosplayers, and here is partly the same. We created these images together. The idea was to advertise the tournament both in the HMB community and outside of it, attracting new audience. It took 2 days to realize the idea. I did not have to persuade anybody of the girls. Part of the props we rented from the famous master Sergei Mikulsky. The rest was collected by themselves from what everyone had in their hands”.

In total, 6 girls took part in the photo session. Our editorial office suggests appreciating the wonderful photos once again and getting to know the heroes.

So, Tatyana Slavchenko from Ryazan is the fighter`s wife – Maxim Slavchenko, they have two children. The experience in the HMB is less than 2 years. The HMB family is training in Ryazan, but once a week they go to Moscow to train with Alexander Nadezhdin. In addition, Tatyana is a model as well.

Anastasia Meshcheryakova is also from Ryazan. As well as Tatyana Slavchenko, she comes to Moscow to train with Alexander Nadezhdin. A year ago, she took part in the “Golden Hand” tournament for the first time and won the first place among women in the «Shield and Sword» category of the first league, and got to the major league. This time, she took gold as well. Anastasia works as an obstetrician gynecologist in the hospital, loves horse riding and dreams of mastering the fights on the horseback.
Alena Mironova – she is the legend of women’s fencing on steel. I can say it without any exaggeration. She fought at the dawn of HMB as a sport, had her own unique style and identity, not surpassed so far. Confidently entered the top of the best fencers in the country. At the moment her heart is given to the severe northern seas.
Irina Bolshakova – she took a tyambara for the first time about two years ago in the MSF class of Maxim Sinkevich ; a little less than a year left to study in England, where in February 2017 she became a member of the London branch of the club “Battle Heritage” and held the first training session on steel. Based on the results of qualifying, represented the UK in the international IMCF championship in the “Sword and Shield” duel category of and female “3 vs 3″. She finished the season at home, taking part in the “Dynamo Cup” as the member of team union “Oviotganna” (Moscow-Chelyabinsk). Irina does not give preference to any one direction of the HMB and sees her development both in dueling and in mass fights.
Marina Golovina is a well-known person in the HMB community. A mother of two children, coach, marshal, fighter, prizewinner of the “Battle of the Nations”. Marina has an amazing charisma! In addition, it makes a huge contribution to the development of the whole HMB movement. She also trains with Alexander Nadezhdin.
Alyona Anisimova is for a very long time in the HMB movement. A couple of years ago she moved to Moscow and went to train in the “Bayard” club to Ivan Vasiliev. In addition to modeling duties, Alyona was a designer on the “Golden Hand” tournament this year.
Dmitry Krasnov:
“I had no idea how to use the resulting photos, when everything was just beginning. Then something was formed, we began to discuss this with Alena Anisimova, because she worked as a designer-designer of the group and future photographs at that time. And then we had an idea to make it like a magazine cover, a joke, of course, but Alena insisted. And wrap everything … Headlines and “articles” came up with Alena together, we were helped by Marina Golovina and Svetlana Fedorova. We tried to touch upon the actual topics in the HMB movement, there were many references to famous people and events, all with humor. Nobody knew what response it would receive. Now we can confidently say that we did a great job, because everything turned out and went very widely.”

Here you can see, how interesting, talented and beautiful girls are engaged in HMB-sport. It`s a pity not all female-fighters took part in this shooting, because such a scale of beauty, charisma and charm would have brought down on the spot! Our editorial office is sure that women engaged in such tough sports as the HMB also have a lot of other striking features of character, besides their beauty.

HMBIA News express gratitude to Dmitry Krasnov and all the girls who took part in this project for a fete of beauty and grace that they gave to all who saw the photo.


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