Jesenice tournament-2018: how was it

13 Feb 2018 23:19

On the 10-th of February there was “Jesenice tournament”-2018 that took place in Jesenice town, that is situated close to Prague. It was the last, third, round of the national qualifying event. The winners of this tournament forms the National team of the Czech Republic on the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”- 2018 in Rome. HMBIA News asked Klára Vintnerová, a fighter of the “Prague Vixens” team and a member of the tournament organization team to tell our reporter about the event and that`s what she told us.

There are 9 teams participated in “Jesenice tournament”-2018 – 2 female and 7 male teams (there were more than 60 HMB athletes fought for the honor to represent their country.

The results of the event in all categories are:

BUHURT (female):
1. “Prague Vixens”(SKSKBP)
2. “Witch Hunters”

BUHURT (male):
1. “Prague Trolls” (SKSKBP)
2. “MFC Slezsko 1″
3. “Pražská Holota”

DUELS (female):
“Sword and Shield” category
Pavla Markupová (SKSKBP)

“Sword and Bukler” category
Anežka Schöning (SKSKBP)

“Polearm category
Kristýna Gwynet Švehlová (SKSKBP) – technical victory following the withdrawal of the opponent

DUELS (male):
“Sword and Shield” category
Michal Hára Harapes (SKSKBP)

“Sword and Bukler” category
Václav Sokol (SKSKBP)

“Longsword” category
Št?pán Hodr (SKSKBP)
“Polearm category
Pepa Josif Pohl (MFC Vyso?ina)

PROFIGHT (male):
Lightweight: Daniel Dufek (SKSKBP)
Middleweight: Lukáš Halk Je?ábek (SKSKBP)
Heavyweight: Václav Sokol (SKSKBP)
Superheavy: Martin Dymanus (MFC Slezsko)

Klára Vintnerová:
“We were very happy to organize such an interesting event. We would like to thank all the fighters for their performances, marshals – for their patience and fairness and, of course, all the viewers that came to support the fighters and made the perfect atmosphere. There is always a place for some changes and improvements. And we have to sit down and talk about our impressions with the org. team and ask participants and viewers for their opinions. But overall the first impressions we got, were positive”.

So, the “SKSKBP” club got great results and now we can see that the National team of the Czech Republic has already formed. Our congrats to the winners and, tr?ditionally, we can`t wait to see their fights on the list of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”- 2018 in Rome.

Our editorial office thanks Stanislav Hladik – a sports photographer for the used photographic materials.


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