“The 2nd Medieval Carriage” HMB tournament: we got results!

10 Feb 2018 17:25

Campinas city near São Paulo (Brazil) held “The 2nd Medieval Carriage” HMB tournament on the 4-th of February. It took place at “Medieval Carriage” – open air reenactment village and restaurant. The tournament was part of “Liga Tropical” – brazilian national system of ranking. There was one of the stages to form the National team of Brazil for HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018.

As Daniel Felipe, main organizer of the tournament told HMBIA News there were fighters from 4 different brazilian teams: “Ars Proeliaris”, “Amigos da Montanha”, “Sociedade da Espada de Prata” and “Leões de Aço”. There were 7 fighters on the list who participated in “The 2nd Medieval Carriage HMB tournament”.

Here are the results of the tournament in all categories:

Sword and Buckler:
1 – João Soares Zerbinatti
2 – Franco Soares Zerbinatti
3 – Rafael Nadur Rosa

Sword and Shield:
1 – Fabio Toniolo
2 – Rodrigo Alvarez
3 – Franco Soares

1 – Rodrigo Alvarez
2 – Fabio Toniolo
3 – João Soares Zerbinatti

Daniel Felipe:
“As time flows, fighters getting better and now we already have 3 of them on national top 5 ranking. Our fighters are excited for the National Cup and for the “Battle of the Nations” as well. Italian prosciutto and wine, Brazil is Coming!”

In the end of the event there were Buhurt demonstrations for the crowd of audience. Daniel Felipe also told that over 200 people attended this event.

So, as we can see, our sport is very popular in this country and HMB athlets improve themselves all the time. Soon the National team of Brazil will be formed and HMBIA News can`t wait to see brazilians on the list of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome.


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