REKON -2018: one of the most large-scale festivals will be held at the end of winter

17 Feb 2018 19:05

There is a final of qualifying tournaments on HMB in Russia. The National team of Russia will be formed on the results of the “Recon” military historical festival on February 23-24 in St. Petersburg.

This year there will be fights in the following categories:
– “5 vs 5″: a final of the first league of HMB Russia;
– “5 vs 5″: fights of the top teams of HMB Russia, as a result of which the members of the National team of Russia in the nomination “5 vs 5″ will be determined;
– “5 vs 5″: female, as a result of which the composition of the women’s team of the National team of Russia in the nomination “5 vs 5″ will be determined;
– mass battles – qualifying in the “21 vs 21″ category for the “Battle of the Nations” -2018;
– qualifying battles in the “Triathlon” and “Poleaxe” categories.

In addition, this year the organizers have toughened the admission of participants in appearance! If you are not sure of your equipment, please, contact the organizers of the tournament. Artem Vasiliev, a representative of the festival organizing committee will answer all your questions and give the necessary recommendations.

“Recon” is one of the most prestigious and well-known tournaments in the world. Traditionally, it takes place at the end of winter or early spring. The scale of the festival amazes not only visitors, but even the most satiated participants in the HMB movement. Its cultural program is rich and diverse as always. Besides the historical medieval battles here will be held:

– An exhibition-exposition in the format of field camps;
– Knights fights in armor plates (Brotherhood of Archangel Michael);
– An antique tournament with battles in several categories: “9 vs 9″, “3 vs 3″ and “Shield & Spear”;
– A tournament of the early Middle Ages;
– Various interactive entertainment for children and adults.

Within the framework of the festival, there also will be HMB Soft and HEMA.

In addition, Recon sets a new level of the formation of a single communication space for all organizers of such events within the framework of the business program, developed jointly with the experts of the National Association of Event Tourism. REKON-RATING, RECON-ACADEMY and LECTURES in the format of an open platform – lectures, discussions and master-shows from the reenactors.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania