“Prague Vixens” about workout and opponents

26 Jun 2018 11:07
“Prague Vixens” girls love to fight and they are skilled in it. These girls enjoy every moment on the list but after the fights they analyze the results and work on mistakes. That`s a good tradition!

This year “Battle of the Nations” was hard for them because all their opponents were great fighters. But they liked it.

Klára Vintnerová:
“It was a pleasure for us to fight with other teams. All of them have improved so much. The hardest fights we had with the mixed team (german, danish and canadian girls) – they were pretty good. And also american team – they were very experienced too”.

After the Championship Klára changed the training programe a bit for the team and for herself. She told that now they are working on the harder hits and of course fight with soft eguipment. Now they hit their permanent tyre pell in the gym with all their strenght. Klára also does the kick boxing.

So lets wait for “Prague Vixens” and Klára Vintnerová`s next tournaments to see their improvement and the high class of fighting skills.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania