Rodrigo González Ayala: five years of swords, fights and HMB sport

22 Jun 2018 13:16
Rodrigo González Ayala from Spain has a strong hit and a great sense of humor. His hits are tough, but after the fight you can`t stop laughing with this charismatic guy. But let’s start our story from the very beginning. Rodrigo told about his way in HMB. He had a long experience in HEMA, more than 15 years. He is one of the founders of the HEMA in Spain. He had his own school with about 50 students during three years. But one day in December had changed everything! He saw the HMB fight:
“It was in December 2012. We knew about the first “Battle of the Nations” on many HEMA forums. Then I saw the video after and I decided to practice it. And now I’m focused in HMB.”
Rodrigo is a duelist. He prefers Profights and Triathlon, because of his HEMA and Muay Thai background. He even remembers his first fight. Of course, this fight was painful and Rodrigo got a lot of new knowledge about HMB sport during the sparring.
“It was the fight against Cristian Bernal, in my HEMA Club, in Madrid. The helmet was a reenactment one, and I receive a very ugly wound in my nose. It was very intense and my armour basically was destroyed”.
From that time Rodrigo got a good armor kit and trains every day. He told that he is trying to practice Muay Thai as much as possible and fight with the sword at least three days a week. Rodrigo loves HMB sport during all these years, because of the possibility to meet with people with the same passion, fight with the best athletes and share this experience on the battlefield with a sword in his hand.
However, HMB sport is not going to be a family business for the fighter, because his sons don`t like HEMA or HMB – they prefer basketball. His wife respects Rodrigo`s HMB passion, but this sport is his personal hobby.

Rodrigo is a true Spaniard with an amazing sense of humor, however, according to him, not everyone can understand the Spanish soul – tender, sensitive and full of fearlessness:
“I have a friend from Ivano-Frankivsk living in Madrid. She is living in Spain more than 20 years and still nowadays, she cannot understand the Spanish character. And why we like to do stupid and ridiculous things all the time. We like to make jokes all the time. Even when nobody thinks it is a good idea to make a joke. Like… burials… company meetings…”

Of course, it was a joke! This guy is funny and tough as well. Nevertheless, HMB sport is a serious thing for him. Rodrigo took part in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 and his fighting experience is growing all the time. So, we will have an opportunity to see his fights again and again.

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