The Authenticity Committee about all the improvements

29 Sep 2018 14:21

An important part of the HMB sport is the Historical constituent. The Authenticity Committee, year by year, works hard to help the athlets to improve their armour and civil equipent. and further, help make their weapons sufficiently appropriate to the rules of HMB sports and relevant from a historical point of view.

During the work of this years HMBIA General Essambly Evgeniy Baranov, Authenticity Committee representative from Belarus, made the report about the main directions of the development of the sport and the Committee itself.

According to Baranov, the members of the Committee are working on standardization of protective equipment sets for all HMB events. The development and deployment of a stronger system of accreditation, workshops for production of protective and offensive equipment for HMB. Also, the creation of the method for explaining all of the above.

Further, HMB sportsmen will have the opportunity to view and select the most typically authorized armor and weapons styles thanks to a new online service.

Evgeniy Baranov informed of the proposed timing for the introduction of the new requirements for HMB participation in future major tournaments; such as World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”, “Dynamo Cup”, “Svabin Fest” implemented in the next 3 years.

For the “Battle of the Nations”-2019 (May, 2019) there will be new requirements for helmets, aventails and neck protection (including helmets to Russian and the Eastern armor styles), requirements for Tabards and Shields (including sets to Russian and the Eastern styles).

At “Dynamo Cup”-2019 (November 2019) – the Authenticity Committee will require increased protection for the legs (thigh, knee, shin, foot).

“Svabin Fest”- 2020 and “Dynamo Cup”-2020 (November 2020) also will have increased requirements concerning hand protection, shoulder protection, bicep protection, elbow protection, and forearm protection (including armour sets of the Russian and the Eastern styles).

All equipment at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2021 (May 2021) participants will be required to strictly comply with all HMB standards and requirements listed above.

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