“Battle of the Nations”-2018 awards – a separate subject!

06 Jul 2018 14:11
The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 has already came to the end, but cups and medals, that the strongest fighters of the world brought home, will please the eyes and warm their memories for a long time. This year, the cups and medals differed from the usual awards of the past. They were created by Russian specialists from St. Petersburg, led by the blacksmith Fedor Pushkarev.
It was not easy to bring awards to Italy, because in total, there were 258 medals and 43 cups weighed 207 kilos – the medals were weighing more than 70 kg.

Notice that the cargo was also voluminous! The biggest cup for the victory in the “21 on 21″ category was 95 cm in height. No doubt, such a large-scale prize will preserve the taste of victory in memory for many years.

The uniqueness of awards is also in the way they were made. Fedor Pushkarev told us about it:
“Awards were made of stainless steel, brass and wood, assembled on rivets. The main feature is the uniqueness of the selection of materials compared to casting from non-ferrous metal or cheap plastic. The prizes are made in the color-grade of the “Battle of the Nations” logo. In order to convey the colors and make the awards vivid and authentic, we used colored acrylic sheets”.
According to Fedor, his studio produces trophies for many important HMB tournaments from 2015, but this order is the most substantial!
The team of blacksmiths did a great job before the “Battle of the Nations”-2018 and there is no doubt that many HMB athletes are very grateful for this. And we thank Fedor Pushkarev for the interview and we will tell about the work of the master, which the audience did not see, but the fighters highly appreciated, in the following publications.

Here you can see the process of making cups and medals for the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018


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1st-4th July
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