HMB Soft – growing the future champions

29 Sep 2018 13:54
HMB Soft is one of the most important direction of HMB sport as it is the future of the sport. During this year it got a great improvement worldwide. Evgenii Galushin, Brand Manager of HMB Soft told about it during his report to the participants of the HMBIA General Assembly 2018 in Belgrade.
According to Galushin, the main goals for HMB Soft in 2017-2018 season were:
1. Holding of the First HMB Soft World Championship
2. HMB Soft seminars and masterclasses
3. HMB Soft tournaments
4. Test and confirmation of Rules and Regulations for HMB Soft
Also there was the First HMB Soft World Championship that was held in Prague in November 2017. There were participants from 9 countries in the age group of:
12-13 years – 20
14-15 years – 23
16-17 years – 24
Total: 67 participants

During the period of 2017-2018 HMB Soft provided 3 types of seminars: for trainers, children and marshals all over the world. Total amount of seminars participants: 146. Also this time there were 9 HMB Soft tournaments. It took part in Russia, Germany, Latvia and Belarus with the total amount of participants: 655.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania