Non fighting, but still tough!

05 May 2019 20:54
At Battle of the Nations X in Serbia, the Authenticity Committee had multiple contests and awards for various aspects of the event. Only national teams and their civil participants was allowed to compete.
Both the marshals of the Authenticity Committee and the followers of our socials took part in the judging. Voting continued throughout the championship and now we are ready to announce the results of all 5 categories:
– The Best Individual Authentic Armour: Martin Elberse (The Netherlands)
– The Best Male Authentic Costume: Paddy Shaw (USA)
– The Best Female Authentic Costume: Daria Morgulis (Israel)
– The Best Medieval Camp: Ukraine
– The Best Team Armor: Belarus
HMBIA News congratulate the winners!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania