Another first for Battle of the Nations: Women’s mass melee

05 May 2019 15:28

Battle of the Nations has grown to unprecedented numbers this year. The previous royal category, 21 vs 21, evolved to the spectacular 30 vs 30. The highly anticipated 150 vs 150 was added as a special celebration of 10 years of Battle of the Nations. That’s when the women stepped up and claimed their own moment of mass melee.

Traditionally, the All vs All has a very low turnout, but captains Jo Booth and Hannah Hudson managed to rally the women into two teams. Under their captaincy, the buhurt women committed to taking part in what was to become the largest women’s mass melee ever fought in the history of Battle of the Nations.

Jo Booth captained an alliance of 5 vs 5 teams consisting of the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, Poland and France.
Hannah Hudson lead an alliance consisting of the United States, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and the Netherlands.

The fights were hard and unrelenting. After three rounds it was the team lead by Jo Booth that emerged victorious. We congratulate the winners on their victory and are looking forward to the future, in which we will surely see many more women’s mass melees.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania