“Tactics”… A strange word

11 Sep 2014 15:59

– Information for novices:

Combat planning is an indispensable element of any team’s pre-fight preparations. As they say, “Properly chosen tactics and five strong guys can do more than just five strong guys.”

Undoubtedly, in the battle you have to rely on people who are in good physical shape, but it does not guarantee 100% success. Teams wishing to achieve something in HMB, need to spend a lot of time not only in the gym, but also in front of the computer screen. Watching combat videos and learning tactics of opposing teams, interaction of their fighters, is not a waste of time. Having knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of every team in general, and every athlete in particular, it is possible to develop an individual approach to them. Some can be effectively defeated by halberds, and some may require flank or rear manoeuvres.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania