Strike further, strike harder. Two-handed polearms in HMB

05 Sep 2014 11:09

The might of two-handed weapons, namely two-handed polearms, reveals itself in buhurt. Halberds, pollaxes, two-handed axes are meant here. An opportunity to strike hard from a distance, without being hit by opponents, gives a significant advantage in battle. If a group of people fight in a well co-ordinated way, and they cause damage to the enemy ranks, it means they use the full potential of their two-handed weapons. Competent actions of shield-bearers providing cover for the attack group and deterring opponent’s attacks is also one of the factors helping to achieve victory in battle.

People differ in anthropometry, level of training. There are many types of armor, as well… But all the differences become nullified by a halberd strike aimed at person’s head. Of course, there are men who can withstand a hail of blows, but here the question arises – “are they human beings at all”? In general, if a few head blows delivered with two-handed weapon are not enough to win, then blows aimed at legs will finish any fighter. As for a fighter with shield and sword, he/she has to fight very hard to bring the opponent down (unless the level of opponents differs a lot).

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania