When armor is needed. First visit to workshop…

03 Sep 2014 14:19

When a person comes to the blacksmith, their talk concerning armor can develop according to several scenarios.

Variant one. The customer is not a novice in the HMB movement, he/she talked to experienced fighters, has some combat experience, searched for needed information on the Internet and knows what he/she wants. In this case they discuss a particular model of armor, its effectiveness in full contact battles and manufacturing cost.

But often, things develop according to the second scenario. Novices, who have recently become interested in the sport, come to order armor… They need some armor. Their desire to participate in tournaments and festivals overshadows everything, including such a “trifle”, as the choice of a particular model :). In this case, a workshop can offer a standard set of armor, from helmet to sabatons. It makes the choi?e somehow easier. A person chooses armor fitting his/her needs and purchasing capacity. The issue is solved simply.

However, there is a third category of people. A person already has some parts of armor, he/she knows much about equipment and wants a particular historical period and region… Then, blacksmith offers items fitting certain parameters.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania