Two-handed bladed weapons. Tournament aspect

08 Sep 2014 12:10

– Information for novices:

If we talk about the role of two-handed bladed weapons in tournaments, then we should mention that, unlike in buhurts, it gives no obvious advantage in “triathlon”. First of all, your opponent is armed exactly in the same way. And secondly, the longsword is just a different type of weapon, which means different combat technique. Due to its larger size and weight, you have to control distance and blade inertia more precisely.

In addition, attack and defense methods differ completely from those used in “shield-sword.” Using a shield, your left and right arms work asynchronously, independently of each other, but both arms are applied at once when you use the longsword. The fighter has no protection (except armor and sword) and he/she cannot block and strike at the same time. Only “strike – block – strike” technique is possible. When two high-level fighters armed with the longswords meet at a tournament, they often stay opposite to each other and deliver blows at high speed. The winner is the one who will score more points per round.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania