Women are gathering for Buhurt in Argentina – “The sport unites us”

14 Nov 2016 16:32
Argentina never stops to please HMB community with good news. Let us introduce you to all-woman HMB club Valherjes! Martina Ochoa – female fighter from Valherjes HMB Club (Argentina) told us about the princess warriors, the swords of which you have to be aware of.

Martina Ochoa:
“There are six of us female fighters in our club, in Argentina there are 8 all-female clubs in total. The girls in my club and I, we like only buhurt and that is the reason that unites us as a team and we can share the feeling of victory”.

Ms. Ochoa told HMBIA News that the girls even have their special traditions and of course they are trying to help each other out as much as possible.

Martina Ochoa: “We usually come together, fight and then everybody goes on to celebrate – it is our tradition for every HMB-tournament. Also we help each other to make the armor, the gambeson, we training together. The sport unites us”.

The ambitious warriors that they are, Argentinian girls want to fight the best and they have their reasons!

Martina Ochoa: “Well, as a team we would like to visit HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” – 2017 and fight Ukrainian and Russian fighters. I personally like them because their teams consist of fighters only from their countries, like us”.

But Martina also told us that too many problems get in the way of the teams from Argentina on their way to Europe, where it is possible to take part in “Battle of the Nations”.

Martina Ochoa: “It`s not easy to attend the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” because you have to save money all the year just to afford the tickets, that’s why fighters from my team couldn’t go to the “Battle of the Nations” – 2016. Hope the next year we’ll manage to come”.

HMBIA and our editorial office also hope that all the teams from Argentina and other countries would always have the opportunity to take part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. Also, we want to wish the girls new victories and achievements!

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