New HMB school for children in Australia

22 Oct 2016 15:06

Skye Burnie – well known australian female fighter told HMBIA News a really great news! Bryce Lightbody and Skye are planning to open soft sword school for the kids in Sydney (Australia). Skye will be one of the founders and, of course, one of the trainers.

Skye Burnie:

“We`re hoping to start up a soft sword school for kids in Sydney in the future. We visited the kids at Fight Club “Orzesze” in Poland right before this year’s HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”, which gave us lots of ideas about starting our own school. At our last couple of public shows we’ve had a lot of interesting discussions with kids and their parents about soft sword”.

The school will open its doors for boys and girls and it is great that an experienced female fighter, that took part in national and international tournaments, will train girls.

Skye Burnie:

“It’s good for new girls in the sport to have a female role model and to show them that they can succeed in it just as much as the men”.

The school doesn’t have the name yet, but founders are sure that if Australia wants to raise the best adult fighters in the future, they have to start from children.

Skye named her position in the School as “A person to get beaten up by kids”. Let`s wish our australian friends success in such a good start and to not get beaten by the students too much.


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