“Chinese fighters are yet to come!”

03 Nov 2016 15:30
There are many interesting things in China and everybody knows it. We know that there is HMB-sport in this exotic country. HMBIA News has already written about it in February, 2015. We decided to find out if something new has happened in sport during this year. We asked Yang Yu, “Huben” HMB-club fighter about growing and developing of our sport in China.

Yang Yu:
“HMB sport is getting more and more popular in China. Our medieval club “Huben” has been established 5 years ago. More and more young guys and lads has been engaged in this kind of sport with us. There were only a few people in 2012 and now there are hundreds of fans, including HMB Cosplay HEMA. We began to fight in the armor long time ago, but it didn’t look like HMB-sport until 2015. We did more training in 2016 and released our videos on Facebook. We hope we’ll be able to participate in other countries’ tournaments in 2017.

We discovered HMB via internet and we have learned a lot from Estonian, Israeli, Russian and Ukrainian fighters. Our team members are from all over the China. It is impossible for us to gather up frequently. We do the everyday training mainly by ourselves. We have a group training in cities, where there are enough members, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, etc. once or twice a week. Once a year during October 1 – 3st we hold a National competitions. Teams from different provinces assemble and fight for honor.

We have never participated in any International tournament so far. We are looking forward to take part in European events of 2017. Chinese fighters are yet to come!”
All HMB-community is waiting for Chinese fighters, so join us ASAP!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania