“WMFC First Class Germany Challenge” – 2016

28 Oct 2016 15:44
10-11 September 2016, a WMFC First Class series tournament took its place in the German town of Nurnberg. Such event could not leave HMBIA News uninterested. Programme of the tournament throughout 2 days was as follows: 10 September – profights; 11 September – soft sword. We have contacted one of the organizers of the tournament Valentin Zerr and discussed the tournament, his impressions and the overall summary of the event.

Valentin Zerr is an HMBIA representative in Germany, an accredited judge and a director of the leading in single nominations group of German fighters (Nurnberg):
“We haven’t been able to gather all the countries that submitted for participation. Eventually we received teams from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Great Britain. We have also received a small children’s team from Poland. And, of course, there were a lot of German fighters participating in the event.”
Participants fought selflessly and with honor! The clanking of the steel could not cease for a second. No fighter had given up. The results of the tournament are as follows:

In the semi-professional fight by the rules of WMFC First Class, women’s league:
Place – Marina Golovina (Russia)
Place – Melanie Gras (Germany, Decima club)
Place – Denise Brinkmann (Germany, Decima club)
In the semi-professional fight by the rules of WMFC First Class, men’s league:
Place – Sebastian Koors (Germany, MSVK Bayard club)
Place – Ivan Yaremciv (Ukraine)
Place – Keno Topfer (Germany, Decima club)
In the professional fight by the rules of WMFC First Class:
Alexander Nadejdin has achieved victory over Sebastian Koors

Children’s tournament in HMB-Soft, team fights Germany vs. Poland:
In the under 14 years old age category:
Place – Germany
Place – Poland
Place – Poland
In the under 16 years old age category:
Place – Poland
Place – Germany
Place – Poland
In the under 18 years old age category:
Place – Poland
Place – Poland
Place – Poland

Michael Tereschenko, an accredited judge from Moldova was a mareschal of the tournament.

Organizers decided on the free entrance for the guests of the tournament. Spectators could freely come at any time and support fighters. Such moment was certainly very pleasant for both spectators and participants, as support is very important in the course of the battle, it gives new powers, thanks to the participants’ encouragement, fighters gain second breath.

Organizers themselves, Mr. Zerr in particular, are very content with the event.
“First of all, as an organizer of the tournament, I’d like to say that I enjoyed the event. It is also pleasing that our sponsor – “Russian-German center” – liked the event as well. After its closing, it became clear that the event has a potential for the further development. Secondly, I’d like to seize the opportunity and thank all the people that took part in the organization for good work. Also, I want to give big thanks to fighters for spectacular, beautiful fights”.

Organizers of the event set the bar for fighters’ training quite high. The event gathered experienced fighters, so the fights turned out to be quite interesting. Marina Golovina, a fighter from Russia, admired the level of training of German fighters, in the course of “WMFC First Class Germany Challenge” – 2016 she had to meet German she-fighters in the combat twice.
Marina Golovina:
“As to German fighters – they do everything good due to their mentality, they always try to achieve perfectness, they carefully gather knowledge and learning materials and it allows them to achieve mastery”.

After some time has passed since the closing of the tournament, Valentin Zerr went and analyzed the summary and made certain conclusions. As he stated, next time he is to pay more attention to the entertainment element for the spectators. A lot was done in the course of the tournament, but a lot more is needed to be done the next time. Also, Valentin noted that “WMFC First Class Germany Challenge” – 2016 despite it taking place for the first time ever, did not suffer the deficiency in the number of participants – their amount was optimal for both the fighting program and the possibilities of the infrastructure of the tournament.

Valentin Zerr:
“I hope that we are going to be able to increase the level of participating fighters. Overall, everything went great. Nice (too nice even) weather, satisfied spectators, cheering though tired participants. A whole lot of positive emotions and impressions. We’ll continue in the similar spirits!”

HMBIA News wishes “WMFC First Class Germany Challenge” tournament further development; we also wish its organizer Valentin Zerr to accomplish all of his ideas.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania