Andryus Kiselyus: “…my hardest rival is not a team or a fighter, it’s my mirror image.”

24 Oct 2016 14:40
Our friends from Argentina, an HMB-oriented blog Crónicas Bohurteras, have shared with HMBIA News an interesting interview with a famous Russian fighter Andryus Kiselyus.

How long have you been practicing this sport and why did you start training in the first place?
– For me, this sport started 7 years ago 2009-2010, I think. So long ago! The first time I saw guys fighting in armor I went crazy for it; it was very exciting and curious for me – a new sport and a new way to the top.

Can you tell me a little about your experience on HMB?
– I have a lot of experience, I could even say that I’m old in this sport, like a grandpa. I have been a fighter, organizer, trader, judge, trainer, and a lot of other experience of all types. My best experience is of course fighting: my war started from my first steps in HMB and never ends. It’s the way of a modern or medieval warrior; either way I accept it for the art form it is.

How does it feel to be part of the best buhurt team in the world?
– It feels nice. All the world is at your feet. Of course there is a lot of tension; everybody wants to kick your ass and you need to be prepared. We have important fights and championships every month, and anywhere I go a lot of guys want to take us down. Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay in top shape, because I have a lot of work, and in my free time I try to work and study, as well as doing a lot of work like organizing Dynamo Cup or WMFC tournaments. I choose to stay away from things that will affect my performance like alcohol, drugs, fast food, video games, etc. Somebody might say that it’s a list of the most interesting things in life and perhaps it’s true. Sometimes it’s so hard that I fall down and lie there, almost ready to die, until something in my head says “Get the fuck up, man; nobody can do all this shit besides you” and I rise for my next life challenge.

What moves you when it comes to fighting?
– I can’t say that I’m like a samurai and looking for a great enemy or something like that, because it’s not true. The truth is that I’m simply trying to do my best. Mostly it looks like a picture painting. I am a painter with falchion in my hand, I create my artwork mercilessly and with fury, and I know in the depths of your heart you love it. My artwork is not on paper, it is in the minds and bodies of my enemies, occasionally caught on video. My finishing moves are my trace of the paints. It is my art, both cruel as it is magnificent.

Which is the hardest rival you have ever fought? Why?
– Every year I meet a new enemy, and there are a lot of good fighters in the world. New stars ignite and fade away, but my hardest rival is not a team or a fighter, it’s my mirror image. It’s the part of me that wants to sleep and be weak, who doesn’t want to train or work, who is afraid and wants to surrender. It’s my hardest and most complex battle against a dangerous opponent. This guy will never disappear and will always be waiting for me in the mirror, laughing and scoffing.

What are your expectations for what’s rest of this year?
– A lot of tournaments in this year, a lot of hard competitions and my final destination point is Dynamo Cup 2016. I’m the main organizer of DC and even a participant of this tournament. The guy who takes all the blows of destiny in that fatal day. I need to bring all world’s best fighters to one place, face them and win. No excuses, second chances or saved games. No retreat and no surrender. If I miss something in the organizing process, it will crush me on the day of tournament, so I need to anticipate everything, even the unpredictable. Fighter and organizer are two totally different roles in the championship that I honestly prefer never to mix, apart from Dynamo Cup, it’s my personal challenge and will be uncompromising.

Do you have any dream or goal you haven’t achieved yet?
– I want to bring money and sponsors to our sport. I hope that one day we will become famous and respected. I don’t know how to reach this goal, and try to do my best by traveling around the world, fighting in my endless battle against an enemy that I can’t even see. One day, I will put my falchion and armor on a shelf and say: “I am done”, but that day won’t come soon.

Thanks a lot Crónicas Bohurteras ( for a fascinating interview.


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