Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs (USA) about “IToC”-2016: “…I want to push club Ursus to greater victories”

17 Oct 2016 15:35
International Tournament of Chivalry “ITOC”-2016 has passed, but everybody will remember it and will be waiting to participate again. Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs, fighter from USA told us that event was great and Brad Schaive and Black Swan did a great job!
Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs:
“Upon arriving at the International Tournament of Chivalry, it was clear that Brad Schaive and Black Swan had committed themselves to making the competition unforgettable. The venue was massive, allowing 1200-1500 people to enjoy the spectacle. Fighting in that arena was a pure adrenaline.
The tournament ran smoothly, allowing ten teams to rapidly exchange nominations and test each other on the field of combat. The referees were highly professional and the combat was thrilling with my opponents. My team, club Ursus, faced great challenges on the field, particularly with team Partizan and Iron Phoenix”.

Tournament has finished, but there is no need to stop trainings. Mr. Gaensler-Debs told HMBIA News that after this tournament, he is filled with determination to train harder to make HMB-club “Ursus” able to overcome their opponents in the future.

Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs:
“While it was good to get third place in the competition, I want to push club Ursus to greater victories. I was particularly excited to see our team’s prior training come to fruition on the field. Now, my focus is to take what we learned in combat and improve ourselves accordingly. I would like to thank my opponents on the field for the brilliant fighting, the marshals for paying attention to details and Black Swan for arranging the entire tournament. HMB-club “Ursus” will return to training and stays hungry for another fight”.

HMBIA News hopes that HMB-club “Ursus” will feed their appetite in good tournaments and we will write about it!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania