Michael Morgul about the Chinese seminar and local HMB fighters: “…there are few of them, but they are really tough”

07 Nov 2016 12:05

There is yet more HMB related news from People’s Republic of China about the development of our sport. Such news is always a good thing and it is pleasant to write as well as to read it. An HMB seminar concerning professional fights took its place in the late October in the city of Beijin. Famous HMB fighter Michael Morgul took part in the friendly event. He shared his impressions with HMBIA News.

According to Michael, he and his wife Dasha have dreamed for some time to visit China and there appeared a possibility to do that in the October of 2016. Accidentally, Michael found out from Facebook that there HMB fighters in China. Thanks to Arla Aud from national team of Estonia and Nikolai Bikov, its captain, it was possible to contact some guys from Chinese HMB community. In the communicating process there was made a decision to organize a seminar with the participation of Michael and some other experienced fighters. HMB club “Huben” representatives met Michael in two weeks since the interrogations.

Michael Morgul:

“What can I say about the Chinese fighters? Well, first of all, there are few of them, but they are really tough. The founders are persistent and tough, beginners are, of course, a bit weaker. But both absorbed all the fundamental truths that were discussed on the seminar. As all of the fighters know that there is no “secret trick”, which lets the one who knows it win all the time. Our craft is a lot of long and persistent work on the road to success. Guys have many chances! Their captain Ziao is really good with legs, his deputy Kang Lui, pushes to the borders very hard. But! They lack in experience, which is natural for the freshmen. It is felt and they work on it by participating in the tournaments – local, international, any of them”.

Michael Morgul also noted that HMB club “Huben”, which greeted him with warmth, is one of the biggest in China. There are only 20 fighters from different clubs scattered all across the country. But Chinese fighters are united by the love for our sport and desire to participate in World championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” – 2017. Guys work hard to make their dream, visit such serious international tournament, come true.

Chinese, in their turn, are also very content with the seminar and glad that they could make new friends. Chinese HMB fighter from “Huben” club Kang Liu gave his thanks for the seminar on his Facebook page.

Kang Liu:

“Michael Morgul from Israel is an excellent fighter. Special thanks to Arla Aud from “Norberg” club for the opportunity. Also big thanks to Valeliy Vozniuk from “Keshykten” club for teaching us”.

HMBIA News would also like to thank guys for the participation in the seminar and strengthening the bonds of international friendship within the HMB community.

We congratulate Chinese fighters with the participation in such an interesting event, wish them more tournaments and wait to meet them on the World championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” – 2017.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwPS4EB6gBM – Chinese HMB Club training with Michael Morgul.


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