What are HMB Marshals made of? 

28 Jul 2020 11:20

Stress resistance, the ability to make informed decisions quickly, masterfully navigate the rules of HMB sport in all its possible nuances and proficiency in English. These are the qualities that a real qualified HMB Marshal should have. However, this is not enough! HMBIA News talked about all the intricacies of this work with HMB knight marshal, Vitalii Makarian. 

“Marshals have to pay special attention to prohibited actions, i.e. he/she should know all the nuances. In addition, during the tournament, marshals have to forget about their “citizenship” and be impartial, independent. It doesn’t matter for good marshal representatives which country are from in the lists”, noted Vitalii.


Notably, off-season is not a reason to relax. The time should be devoted to self-education. Vitalii Makarian detailed how during this period he watches videos from previous tournaments, analyzes situations and work of marshals. It is painstaking and important work.


Also, do not forget that a good physical form is necessary not only for fighters, but for marshals as well, because the fighting schedule is busy, and you have to spend all day on your feet.

 Many of the qualities a Marshal needs come from experience. Everyone understands that a good marshal means an experienced marshal.

“Experience can be gained from attending a lot of tournaments. Attending the tournaments, you can participate as a marshal, or just observe their work from a distance. Both ways can help to gain experience or refresh previously acquired marshalling skills”.

Now there are more than 130 marshals from 28 countries who judge tournaments around the world. All continents except Antarctica are represented in the marshal community. The gender or age of the marshal is not important here. It is important that their work in the tournament is fair and honest.


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