New life from the ashes: a happy ending

26 Sep 2020 15:41

The morning of September 5 is a time Mathias Søjborg, the HMB fighter from Denmark, will remember for a long time. He was literally in shock when his new car and the entire set of armor in the trunk of it had burned down. Many of us know this story and sincerely empathized with Mathias. But this sad morning will be remembered by him not for the loss of the car, and not even for the lost armor, but for what happened after the fire.

“I was especially upset about the helmet that I wanted to keep and then to show it to my kids when I`ll get older… Every dent on that one has meaning and memory..”

The story about the incident, published on his Facebook page, had a huge resonance among representatives of the HMB community around the world. Words of support from friends poured in over the Internet and in person. But his brothers in arms did not stop at words – they helped with their actions. 

Craftsmen from different countries began to work together to collect and send different pieces of armor and weapons to Mathias. This help cannot be underestimated!

Vitaly Gryzlov – sword
Viacheslav Mishurin – helmet
Henrikas Viteika – shield
Quiverstock workshop – gambeson set
Jan Pidel – torso
Red Snake Armory workshop – full legs
Buhurt Tech workshop – shoes
Master Uley workshop – mittens and sabatons
Age of Craft workshop – shoulders
Historicum workshop – arms

It’s crazy to think that my friends are making me a full set from top to bottom. I thought maybe people might get together to make a helmet and nothing more. It’s insane, and I’m so happy. I couldn’t even imagine that I have friends and family like that!”, said Mathias.

So our hero got the opportunity to completely restore what was lost. New armor, new sword and shield promise new battles and new victories! And the main thing is that we all learned from this story that HMB is not just a sport. It’s not even just a community of people passionate about one thing … This is a real family, always ready to help and support in difficult times.

However, the most precious things for Mathias’s heart remained as souvenirs. He told on his Facebook that the sword by Vitaly Gryzlov, which his beloved and brother gave him, managed to be polished and now it hangs on the wall as a decoration and a valuable memory of past battles. And the precious helmet with all the dents and memories associated with it now also found a new life in a new quality. Extremely peaceful quality! Mathias’s beloved girlfriend made a stylish lamp out of the helmet. Now, our Dane, having grown old, will be able to tell his children and grandchildren the stories of his battles under the soft light of an original and unique lamp.

We are also infinitely grateful to everyone for helping a friend. For your ability to be friends and responsiveness. We are proud that such wonderful and noble people share with us a love for the historical medieval battle! We are looking forward to meeting on the battlefield of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania