Alexei Kamenev: about sports, family and dreams

24 Jul 2020 19:17

There is a sign that if a huge fighter in a helmet with a classic 14th century German klappvisor from the Bear Paw team runs to you in the lists, it will lead to pain, falling and gaining combat experience. Perhaps you will have time to see the fighter’s kind eyes, but the ending of this meeting is predictable. Of course, it happens in different ways, but one thing is certain – you will remember this meeting for a long time!

So who is hiding under this helmet? It is unmistakable – this is Alexei Kamenev.

Age – 28 years old, height – 189, weight – 110 kg of muscles, Hollywood smile and kind eyes – this is all about him! HMBIA News decided to know more about Mr. Kamenev in his real life between HMB tournaments. We had a little conversation with him and here’s what we found out. 

He seriously started HMB 5 years ago and has already earned a serious reputation in the community. Sport is his life! Between HMB tournaments, Alexey is also involved in coaching and also he is the  owner of the gym in the city of Kirov (Russia). In addition to sports, he manages to engage in the production of gambesons for HMB athletes. But if he really wants to relax he plays DOTA 2.


He is also a fantastic family guy. He is a husband and father of a handsome blond boy. But his family is much bigger:

“We are expecting the birth of our second son soon. I hope there will be a third and a fourth son too. I really love children and want more! There is also the French Bulldog Hardy. He is also a fighter – he constantly fights with everyone. I love to spend time with my family! When mothers, fathers, grandmothers gather outside the city…there are 10-15 people. We are always happy together! ” – said Alexey.

He confessed that from childhood he loved everything related to knights,and has read many books about armor. He even dreamed of his own Salade (from French) helmet. Time passed, and Aleksey’s tastes regarding helmets changed, but his love of chivalry did not pass! Today, he is one of the best HMB fighters in the world and a real knight. He chose this sport at the call of his heart and his family supported him.

“All my big family watches online broadcasts of big tournaments or come to support in person. They are very worried about me and, of course, rejoice victories even more than I do! “


Despite the tough look in armor, Alexey never refuses to help and advise other fighters. We in the editorial office are surprised that he still does not train any HMB team! And he wishes the newcomers of HMB sport will join the Bern club!


But what does Alexey want for himself? He has many desires and they are different … However, he nevertheless told us about several points of his personal wishlist:

“I want to train and remain a coach in Berloga, my gym. I want my gym to remain exactly what it is now – it is not too big, only for about 150 people, where people who have trained for many years become my friends. And I also want to get the rank of Candidate Master of Sports in weightlifting and start to participate in wrestling competitions. But for now I have no time for it”.

Our hero’s desires are good and, that is the best part, they are realizable! The editors of HMBIA News are confident that all of the above will be on the list of achievements soon and new goals will be outlined immediately.

Talking with Alexei Kamenev, we tried to reveal it as much as possible for our readers. To introduce you to this interesting, charismatic and cheerful young man. In turn, we thank Alexei for the interesting and fun conversation!


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