Alexey Petrik (Russia): “I came here to win”

01 May 2019 17:42
You can hardly find a person in the HMB sport who does not know Alexey Petrik. Multiple world champion in duel fights will enter the lists this year. At the same time, Alexey’s plans are quite definite – he came here to win!

In addition, we are all waiting for interesting fights in duels, because Petrik’s students are also competing here, many of whom show excellent results in their countries.

Alexey is waiting for the opportunity to cross swords with them, but he admitted that he is waiting for fights with representatives of the Polish national team:
“It would be interesting to make fencing with Poland. They usually have strong fighters. I would like to assess how much their level has grown”.

Also along with Alexey Petrik came his young students. They are now in HMB Soft camp.

It is no secret that the weather in Smederevo today is rainy and windy. However, this does not scare Alexey!
“Nice weather. I came from the north, we still have snow”.

According to him, such cool weather will only benefit the Championship, because fighters dressed in armor will not be hot.

We thank Alexey Petrik for the interview and wish him and his opponents interesting fights and good weather!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania