Full Plate tournament is waiting for its knights! Sign up!

22 Apr 2019 11:40

We happily remind you that there will be a tournament in full plate armour at the Battle of the Nations! Those who wish to participate in the full plate tournament have only 4 days left to submit applications. The application deadline is April 25th.

We need your photos of your armour, showing how it fits within the Regulations of HMBIA , and your will to fence in full-plate armour with the three weapon sets; A twohander, a poleaxe, an axe and a round shield. The tournament organizers are ready to provide all the necessary weapons.

It’s time to put on your armour and heed the call to Glory and Honour in the fullcontact combats. It is time to write history with us!

Ladies-at-arms! When you are ready, we will open the gates to the battles with the militesses! Enter the list as you hear the call of Steel, Glory and Majesty!

On May 2, before the tournament, we will provide an opportunity to try all three weapon sets. After that, the trial battles commence:  the Battle of the Lions – the Battle of Knight Valour.

What can you expect? It is a martial art in which you aim to destroy a special helmet figure – the lion head – while you save your own head.

The tournament in full plate armor will be held on May 3 during buhurts 12 to 12. The regulations of the tournament in full plate harness are here.

After the tournament, all participants are invited to join the conversation with the tournament organisers. They will get to discuss their experiences and impressions of the fights.

And let it be so. May nothing prevent us from finding glory in the list and beyond!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania