Mass battles workshop was held in Serbia

21 Apr 2019 20:27
On April 20th, on the eve of the upcoming Battle of the Nation on the territory of the Smederevo fortress, a workshop was held for the fighters of the Serbian national team. The goal was to get acquainted with the mass nominations in which they will fight. The workshop was conducted by Ali Askerov, instructor of Courage of Ages, as part of the Russian-Serbian partnerships development.
At the workshop, participants were introduced to the regulations of the categories, explained how to keep the line, told about the methods of fighting and maintaining control over the situation. Ali showed and explained how the struggle takes place in mass categories, which is fundamentally different from the combat approach of the five versus five. Among the participants of the workshop was the captain of the Serbian national team Aleksandar Dobri Uroshevich:

“We learned a lot of interesting tips! This workshop was useful for our fighters. They did not know much of what was taught to them, almost no one had any experience of participation in mass categories. Not only 150 vs 150, but also in 12 vs 12 and 30 vs 30. Participation in these categories is our main goal.”

The knowledge gained after the workshop inspired the participants. They felt more confident and protected. Now they know how to protect themselves and each other. After the end of the workshop, the Serbian fighters had a long discussion about what they had learned from Ali Askerov.

Aleksandar thanks Ali and recommended all the teams to take part and organize such trainings whenever possible.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania