Mighty Eagles are eager to fight!

23 Apr 2019 22:37
The League of Eagles  – that’s the name of the USA banner for mass battles 30 vs 30 and 150 vs 150. This banner has the motto E pluribus unum, which was chosen by the captain as a symbol of their unity USA. It is a historic Latin expression, meaning “Of many – one” These words belong to Cicero (the speech “On the merits”).
This expression beautifully describes the very essence of combining fighters in a banner. It does not matter whether you are from one country or from different countries, it’s important that you become one, united by one passion and a common goal.
The flag of this banner deserves special attention. We asked the artist who created the flag design to tell about it in more detail. Here is what Tayissa Chadwick told us:
“For the design, I utilized the original banner of the USA and the modern flag for inspiration. We have thirteen red/white stripes (original flag) and 50 stars around the border (modern US flag). Additionally, the eagle is the emblem of the USA. I utilized a historical heraldic wing clutching a sword to tie everything conceptually to represent the United States in a medieval fashion!”
So, this experienced, skilled, strong and fashionable League of Eagles banner is ready and looking forward to enter the battle. Our editorial office can’t wait to see The Eagles on the lists of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 in Serbia.

Rules here
All the questions: Artem Vasilev


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania