National team of Czech Republic; they mean business!

21 Apr 2019 13:53
The National team of Czech Republic and their captain, Josif Pohl, are ready for Battle of the Nations. Above all, they look forward to experiencing exciting new categories like the 30 vs 30 and the 150 vs 150.
Pohl is assured this year they have a strong team that can get out of the group stage and show good results during the play-off stage in 5 vs 5 buhurts:
“With really strong CZ1 team (Prague Trolls) and experienced CZ2 (MFC Vysočina and MFC Slezsko) we want for sure to pass from groups and then proceed in play offs. With 2nd place in the Buhurt League, CZ 1 has a big chance to make it to 6 best teams”.
As for 12 vs 12, 30 vs 30 and 150 vs 150 mass battles, it’s hard to say, as these categories are new, but the best fighters of the world will participate and the level will be high.
“In 12 vs 12 I cannot say, how well we will do. It is new category with lot of unexpected teams, so, we will see… In 30 vs 30 we and Denmark will be part of the Polish team. I believe, that with our reinforcements, the Polish team will be back in top 4. For 150s I cannot say anything. We will be there, we will fight and we will survive and make good result, I think.”
Fighters of the National team of Czech Republic will take part in duels too. In these categories  it is really hard to estimate, how strong opponents their fighters will have.

“I believe, that another year of training and gathering experience will be visible and they will show great progress”.

In 2 weeks we will find out. Will the captain’s predictions come true? In any case, the battles of the Czech Republic National team are always exciting to watch.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania