The Tattoo Cup in New Zealand showed spectacular full-contact combat!

05 Sep 2017 18:15
The most widescale in Australasia region HMB tournament “The Tattoo Cup” took place in Hamilton city, New Zealand, on 2-3th of September. This one is already 4th, and it brought several surprises.

We talked with Rob McIntyre, The Tattoo Cup organizer and the member of ?Waikato Armoured Combat Inc. about tournament’s summary and plans for future.

This strong, bearded man really enjoy his hobby and infects others with his enthusiasm!

Rob is proud because this time the tournament became a separate event: “First three year we have been a part of Tattoo exhibition in city expo-hall and just entertained public. But this year we are independent, the whole arena was just for us”.
Let’s take a look at numbers. This year 9 HMB clubs took part in a competition: 5 from New Zealand and 4 from Australia. There were 44 fighters, 17 from them were debutants. They competed in 1×1 and 4×4 categories. More than 150 adult guests visited the event, many of them came with children. There was no entrance fee for children, that’s why organizers couldn’t give an exact amount of them.

Rob told that the tournament was organized successfully: “I’m satisfied with the arena and strong barriers. New Zeland fighters were very good! This year more visitors came comparing with previous years. This is a really good result. But we are waiting even more in future!”

It stands to mention that planned Night Pro-Fightings were canceled in a few days before the tournament. Rob explained: “Fighters didn’t show enough interest. We wanted this year to make pro-fights on fight night, but only 6 fighters entered. So, 3 fights was not enough to have a special night, that’s why we had pro-fight during tournament”.

When we asked Rob to tell about the star of The Tattoo Cup-2017 Sigrid Karlsson, he was all smiles: “She fought very aggressively against the guys, against the men, in 1×1 category. She had only attacked, hadn’t gone back, only forward!”

At last Rob shared plans for future. Does he want the tournament grown up to the festival, with musicians playing Medieval music and traders selling souvenirs? No, he considers the tournament only as a sports event for now.

The main goal of The Tattoo Cup for the nearest times – to let the guests familiarize themselves with this tournament and its participants. Festival activities may divert attention from actually fights to other things. The organizers keep the idea of the festival for future.

The list of winners:
“4v4″ category – Austrailian team
“Sword & Buckler” male category – Benoit Delville
“Sword & Shield” male category – Jake Taylor
Best New Fighter – Sigrid Karlsson
“Polearm” female category – Charlie Tapsell
“Longsword” female category – Charlie Tapsell

HMBIA News would like to congrats all fighters, marshals and organizers with this successful spectacular event.

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