“Valois Tournament”: Russia-UK-France! You have to see it!

30 Aug 2017 13:33
September,9 the “Valois Tournament” will take place in La Ferté Milon, Picardy, France.
Every participant could find the category he prefer more and tough opponent to fight with. There will be over 20 teams – among them, fighters from Russia (PLK and Partisan 2), UK, Canada, Spain… The fights will be held under HMB rules in “5vs5″, female “3vs3″ and mass battle.
More details concerning this event, HMBIA News journalist found out from Edouard Eme, member of orgteam.

Edouard Eme:
“The organisators, club “Exactor Mortis”, is thrilled to see their first tournament come to life with the support and credit of the French Béhourd Federation and HMBIA. They are working hard on a local level to provide both the public and the fighters with a great event.”

As Edouard told us, they chose the perfect place for the “Valois Tournament” and both the audience and participants will be inspired by the atmosphere of the ancient castle.

Edouard Eme:
“The battles will take place at the beautiful 14th century castle built by Louis d’Orléans, until he was murdered by the Burgundians. The venue should be ideal for the public: located only one hour drive from Paris, a lot of fans and tourists are expected to come to cheer for the fights, discover the old castle and enjoy the medieval market.”
Also Edouard Eme mentioned that “Exactor Mortis” from the Picardy region currently holds the 9-th place at the National clubs rating: they hope to improve this score by fighting with their best men on their home territory, before the last French tournament of the season that will take place in Tourcoing (Flanders) on the 4th and 5th of november. At the last tournament in Auvergne, club “Aquila Sequania” from Franche-Comté seized the gold; will they be so succesful this time? We’ll see!

HMBIA News will publish the results of “Valois Tournament” and of course the impressions of participants.


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1st-4th July
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