Allan Schiller (Denmark): “… we had a really good tournament”

15 Jun 2017 13:43
“Copenhagen Medieval market” took place on June 2-5 in Denmark and now we can tell you about its results. HMBIA News had an interview with well-known person in HMB movement – Allan Schiller, a member of organizational team of that event. He told us about a lot of interesting things about the “Copenhagen Medieval market”.
Allan Schiller: “The KMM is over, we had a really good tournament. We had only a few injuries and we used the same tournament system as was used in the European Open in Belmonte. This system is divided into blocks, where all the teams first fight round one and then in Block two they fight round 2 and if there is a back to back, they will fight a round 3 in block 3. I think this system allows more intense fights, fewer injuries and gives teams with only 5 or 6 fighters a better chance of recovering between fights. It does take away some strategies, like fatiguing your opponent in round one. I was especially proud of my team since we won all our fights without losing a single round”.

Profights took place during the event and according to Allan, they were really interesting and tough. They had 10 profighters fighting each other with Gavin Stewart as Marshall and three women fighting in the “Sword and Shield” category.

Here are the results of competitions in “5vs5″ category:
1st – Copenhagen medieval fighting club
2nd – Det Fri Kompagni
3rd – Broderskabet.

Also, Allan mentioned that there was the experimental “7vs7″ category, but it there were only test fight in that category where Copenhagen, Germany and Mexico took part.

Allan Schiller: “We tried the “7vs7″ category and it was really interesting since it makes fights longer and allows for a more in-depth strategy to win the fights. It is something we are going to try again”.

HMBIA News can`t wait to write about the future of “Copenhagen Medieval market” and such an interesting category as “7vs7″. We also would like to thank Allan Schiller for the interview and wish him more new events and tough fights.


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