“Queensland Cup”-2017 in Australia: how it was…

26 Jul 2017 16:44

“Queensland Cup” is one of the most important tournaments in Australia because it is the first national selection of the season. Well-known in HMB-movement Bryce Lightbody – captain of the team Australia this year, told a bit HMBIA News about this event.
There were 4 categories:
5vs5 buhurt
Bryce Lightbody:
“We had 50 fighters from all around Australia and New Zealand. Many interesting fights in all nominations. We were also going to hold title fights for the Australian Medieval Combat Pro Fight league. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the organisers had to stop the event. We had finished the longsword and pole arm categories but could not complete the remaining 5vs5 buhurt category and pro-fights.”
Bryce also noticed, that fighters from New Zealand show themselves in all strength. They got really great results.

Bryce Lightbody:
“The New Zealand team did extremely well in the duels. They took home the Gold in “Sword and Shield”, “Polearm” and “Longsword” categories.”

So, Let’s congratulate the winners of “Queensland Cup”-2017 and hope to visit more interesting events in Australia.

HMBIA News thanks Chris Mitranond for his photos.


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1st-4th July
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