3 reasons to visit Ukraine for Burak Yarar (Turkey)

10 Jul 2017 15:41

“Battle of the Nations”- 2017 became the first such a high levelled competition for the National team of Turkey. And since that time they want to improve their skills as much as possible. Burak Yarar, Turkish fighter visited Ukraine at the end of June and told HMBIA News about his trip in details.

Burak Yarar:
“As you can imagine, next year we want to represent our country in the best way possible, by displaying resilience, good tactics, and good sportsmanship. We also love representing our culture and hope to make things a bit more interesting for everybody by looking the part. I travelled to Ukraine for a couple of reasons, one of which was meeting Ukrainian fighters. I visited HMB-club “Knyaz” in their training sessions and took very valuable notes as their instructor Ilias Vyshutin was training them on tactics, stamina and power”.

As Mr. Yarar mentioned, their sportsmen are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and successfully participate in the future tournaments. He also told that Ukrainian fighters could help them with training.

Burak Yarar:
“Therefore, we are grateful to club “Knyaz” for allowing me to observe their training session. We also discussed possible dates for a training camp in Istanbul with Ilias Vyshutin as the instructor. We are looking forward to benefiting from his experience as a seasoned fighter and a respectable trainer”.

There was another important matter to visit Ukraine. Burak told our reporter that the main reason for this trip was to meet an HMBIA official on subjects related to recognized representing HMBIA in Turkey as “Tarihi Sava? Sanatlar? Derne?i” (Historical Martial Arts Association).

Burak Yarar:
“Pavel Besaga was kind enough to enlighten me on these matters over a dinner and I believe this will benefit both the movement and the national team of Turkey greatly in the future. We value this movement and wish to see it grow even more, and will do our very best to spread the word in our country”.

Also Turkish guest had an opportunity to communicate with armour specialist about their armor kits. Guys from “Age of Craft” helped him a lot and this cooperation was very useful for Burak and his team.

Burak Yarar:
“I also met with close friends from “Age of Craft” and talked about how to improve the Ottoman armor to make it more suitable for “Battle of the Nations”. They also showed me around the beautiful city Kharkiv, so I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and patience”.

HMBIA and our editorial office always glad to help and to meet great people all around the world that also loves this sport, want to improve their skills and eager to be part of big HMB-family.


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