“I Torneo de Combate Medieval 5vs5 Conde Fernán González”- 2017 in Spain

13 Sep 2017 15:52

In August, 26-27 the historical village of Covarrubias, in the province of Burgos, the origin of Castille held the “I Torneo de Combate Medieval 5vs5 Conde Fernán González”- 2017 tournament. this competition had a national status. HMBIA News met Juan Carlos Chicote, member of the tournament orgteam, captain of “Bohurt Castilla” team and had a little interview about this event.
Juan Carlos Chicote:
“The reason for the name is because the count Fernán González was from Covarrubias in the 10th century and he was the first count of Castille.”

There was only one nomination – “5vs5″. And the results are:
1st place – “Born Medieval Combat”
2nd place – “Victrix”
3rd place – “Urna Regnum”.

Juan Carlos Chicote:
“We organized the last June another tournament only of duels. So to this chance, we only organize “5vs5″. It was a high-level tournament and we believe that it has a projection of the future, we hope to be able to repeat it in the coming years.”

Also HMBIA News reporter found one of the participants and asked him to tell about his impressions. Salvatore Rabito, captain of “Bohurt Zona Sur” was inspired with the tournament and his personal results.

Salvatore Rabito:
“I fight with halberd here for the first time. My training was correct for it and other know it now. Too long and hard fights over 3-4 minutes each round with heavy strikes. My favourite combat was against “Valentia Victrix” from Valencia.”

By the way, this fight was against the silver medalists of the tournament, so it was really exciting.

We thank our friends from Spain for the interviews and wish them a lot of fights and victories. HMBIA News sure that this country will have a lot of interesting tournaments and we will write about it!


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