“Battle of the Nations”-2014 is ready to go!

11 Jun 2014 20:47

Tomorrow is the first day of the Fifth World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. And we are ready! The camp is on the coast. National teams are here. Trogir is waiting.
And this is what I have heard from the people of HMB-movement here, in authentic camp in town of Trogir.

Justin Harris, fighter of National team of New Zealand:
I like Trogir so much. The camp is a bit tight but it’s awesome. It is different than it was last year. And what’s the most beautiful, is that the sea is right here! When I arrived I met a lot of old friend from the last “Battle of the Nations”. When we were getting Croatia we have got some of our armor broken, but we fixed now. And we are ready!

We have a little tent…really small for our team. But we are going to live in a hotel, where actually our female fighter Rachael Forrest having a rest after long trip from New Zealand. It was 2 horrible days… But now we are here.

Maarjia and Sandra, campers from Estonia:
This is an amazing camp. We have actually attended a lot of festivals before. But this one is the biggest of course, and the camp is the biggest. It’s large international event definitely. We are patiently waiting for tomorrow… It’s going to be interesting.

Mark Annable, captain of National team of UK:
I had been being so busy with preparations all these days till I arrived Croatia. And now we are here and looking forward for the beginning. Our armour is arriving this evening. We came even without it.)) It was preparing for the Championship. We wanted to make it awesome and perfect. We have 25 fighters in the team. And we do not afraid of anybody!). We are ready on 100%. And we will do our best for these 4 days here on the Championship. We have one big tent, and it’s going be our shelter here. So, tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day!

Dave MacNaughton, captain of National team of Scotland:
The camp is superb! We’re very impressed. We don`t have much of our own stuff here, so we’ll be taking some from Ukrainian guys. We really like the camp. We’ve already set up. The lists are superb. It looks fantastic with all these flags and for Scotland who we represent. This will be our first year at “Battle of the Nations”. We’re small team but we did much to get here, and we gonna do Scotland proud! We came here to compete with everyone, it’s our first year so we’re here to loan as much as we can from big experienced teams. We hope to get as much fighting as we possibly can regardless if we win or not. English is our most dangerous enemy)). If seriously, then Russia, of course! We’ve been looking at bigger teams like Russia, the Czech Republic who were fighting in our group B. There are really good fighters who were here last year. So we want to watch and we’ll just do what we can and see how far we can get. Hope we can make everyone back home proud of us.

Seena Asady, fighter of National team of Luxembourg:
I came from Sweden, but I’m a fighter for Luxemburg.  We expect a lot of actions, a lot of fun and hopefully, a lot of beer. I hope to fight France. I don’t know if they are in my group. I`ll be waiting for the play off stage and hoping. We’re just setting our camp up cause the rest of the team will arrive at night, so we’re making the best of it.

Elisabeth Irha

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania