Oleg Sergeev, Moldova: “Our task is not to give up and fight to the end!”

07 Jun 2014 11:58

Unfortunately, we had very little time, due to a variety of organizational reasons, for team formation, that’s why the composition is not full. We expected to gather 8 fighters, but since we had only 22 days, we were able to find only four men. Of course, it will severely affect our participation in “five vs five”, but I am sure about Dima, Igor and Tolya, they trust me, and it means a lot for me. Our task is not to give up and fight to the end!

We will be given additional fighters to participate in “five vs five”. It’s the thing practised at “Battle of the Nations”, namely that “mercenaries” may join a team on an agreement between the national team’s captains. Organizers of the Championship are also involved in such an agreement to ensure no team gets advantage due to the involvement of mercenaries. Of course, it’s hard to train for the “five vs five” category having four fighters. We will rely on the fact that each of our fighters has experience in buhurts.

We are in an interesting group on the tournament grid, some teams, like we, will make their debut, some already have experience of the previous “Battle of the Nations.” I cannot name any opponent as the most interesting, we are interested in all of them, since they mean new experience, different preparation methods and different strategies and tactics. Our task is to show our best and use our experience and skills.

We would like to leave the group. As far as I know, 4 of 6 teams leave the group and move on, so our goal is to participate in as much battles as possible to get a lot of experience and bright emotions.

We’re in a good mood. Our team is supported by guys from other clubs, by friends and families. Our fans are looking forward to the live broadcast of “Battle of the Nations.” The task of Team Moldova is to show a confident debut, participate in as many fights as possible to win many victories, or put as many opponents as possible out of action. It will be difficult, but more complex task is more interesting. Of course, we want to leave the group and compete with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland to make our participation even more interesting.

Oleg Sergeev,

captain of the National Team of Moldova

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania