Woman-marshal at “Battle of the Nations”

13 Jun 2014 15:47

We already have the first female trainee marshal. And this is Jemma Kirtan from the UK, who is training judged female fights in ”1 vs 1” category this year at “Battle of the Nations”. And this is what she will be doing next year. I met her in our camp, and she told me interesting things about herself, about her relating to HMB movement.

This is the first “Battle of the Nations” festival for Jemma. HMB was presented to Jemma by her boyfriend. Who was interested in the movement so she joined him at the trainings as a photographer. But then she was suggested to try herself in judging, as a marshal.

“I was a little bit nervous about it cause I’m the first girl. But it’s the first time for female fights so I’m able to judge this category”, she says. She has done some training, and controlled the fights and stuff that gave her some experience. “I’m going to be a trainee marshal observing my more experienced colleagues at work, so I hope later I’ll become a full qualified marshal”, she says.

At the homeland she has just finished a degree in directing. So she didn’t go too far from her majority. “Here I really like the thing that you can wear this dress. Dressing up is the thing I really enjoy about it!

I couldn’t ask her about Croatia and her impressions of course. “I should say Croatia and the place itself are beautiful. Trogir is marvelous medieval town, and fool of impressions. At the same time is too hot especially for me, as an EnglishJ. But people who chosen HMB movement should accept all expenses of an authentic life respectfully”.

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