Igor Cosic, Serbia: “We lacked fighters, armor, money, but we didn’t reject the idea…”

10 Jun 2014 11:21

Our country has a great military tradition and it is natural for us to join BotN family. Of course, it wasn`t as easy as it may sound. Our national team consists of fighters from several different clubs, and as any nation we have some discords… It was one of our major problems, but luckily we`ve managed to overcome it, as well as many others.

They say every beginning is hard, and it wasn’t any different with our National Team. We lacked fighters, armor, money, but we didn’t reject the idea to create a team for this year’s tournament. Our fighters had strong desire to become members of HMBIA family. So, step by step, here we are, ready for “Battle of the Nations”-2014.

We are coming to Trogir with 8 fighters, and we will participate in duels (one fighter) and “5 vs 5.” I`m sad because we had a lot more fighters but due to our lack of funds, country`s difficult economic situation and recent flood that struck us, they were not able to come with us. Nevertheless, we have a very strong team and I believe that we will show our best, as well as other teams, of course, because it’s what we come for. We expect to have great time in Trogir, to meet a lot of new friends and to test ourselves. We are aware that we are considered to be underdogs at this tournament, but we promise to show our best. I feel a great responsibility as a captain because this is our first year and we are making, as I like to say, baby steps. Great things for our young team are yet to come.


Igor Cosic,
captain of National team of Serbia

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania