Brazil forms the National team

20 Jan 2018 17:05

The 14th of January São Paulo (Brazil) held the “Medievals Carriage´s Tournament”. It was qualifications event to form the National team of Brazil for World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018.

HMBIA News decided to find out more about it and asked Daniel Felipe – the head of orgteam from Mundo Medieval events company for an interview. That`s what he told us:
“This tournament is one of the qualifying tournaments in Brazil. There are others running in Brasilia, organized by Filippe Canabrava, our national team captain. There were 5 fighters on the inscription list, but only 4 presented theirselves. It happened as a measure of Liga Tropical – Brazilian league where National fighters may rank in order to become part of national team”.

There were only duels categories on the tournament and here are the results of it:

“Sword and Shield”:
1) Rodrigo Alvarez – “APEA”
2) Fabio Toniolo – “Companhia da Espada de Prata”
3) João Franco – “Amigos da Montanha”
4) Franco Zerbinatti – “Amigos da Montanha”

1) João Franco – “Amigos da Montanha”
2) Fabio Toniolo – “Companhia da Espada de Prata”
3) Franco Zerbinatti – “Amigos da Montanha”
4) Rodrigo Alvarez – “APEA”

As we can see there are not so many fighters took part in “Medievals Carriage´s Tournament” but all this athlets love HMB-sport and it`s only the beginning of HMB movement development in this country. Daniel told our reporter that everything went well and they eager to participate in the “Battle of the Nations” and other tournaments to get more experience.

Daniel Felipe:
“I am satisfied that with Liga Tropical, HMB brazilian athletes from all regions can participate of a internal ranking which qualifies them to our national team. It’s a great achievement for Brazil. I hope someday HMB best teams come to Brazil”.

Our editorial office thanks Daniel Felipe for the interview and wish our friends from Brazil more interesting tournaments and more tough fights!


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