“HMBHMB” – just use your imagination!

27 Jan 2018 20:07
You will be surprised, but between all tough armored guys and serious marshals you can meet creative natures and professional musicians. HMBIA News wants to create some imaginary situation – what if some of them played together. We asked 4 people: Daniel Felipe – the head of orgteam from Mundo Medieval events (Brazil), Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif, HMBIA International marshal (Mexico), Burak Yarar, captain of the National team (Turkey) and Michael Tegge, fighter of the National team (Germany) would they like to make music together?

All these talented people told that it’s possible – it is not easy, but it can be done, it can be even good, just needs a lot of energy.

Daniel Felipe from Brazil is a singer and has a folk metal band – Lothlöryen. They already toured Europe, has 6 albums and was founded 15 years ago. He suggested that such band which gathered all these HMB people could have a very nice and thematic name: “HMBHMB” – Historical Medieval Battle Heavy Metal Band. Others like the name and smiled.

Michael Tegge, Germany is a colleague of Daniel – he has a metal band too, where he is singing and playing bass: “We playing Frisian Metal. Metal with Frisian lyrics, some lyrics are very old. The name of this band is “Tha Bruna Skelde”. But this band is new. Also my wife and I have another band. We are playing medieval music for 15 years. I am singing, playing Cittern, Bagpipe (Gaita), different drums and vocals/singing. My wife Tanja Kunderding plays harp and bagpipe”.Michael also liked the idea.
Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif, HMBIA International marshal from Mexico is a cellist and she composes music mostly for video games and videos. She playing music for 20 years. Ana would participate in our “HMBHMB” as well.
Burak Yarar a professional musician too. He is a music producer, a sound engineer and works in his own music production studio: “I studied sound engineering at university, and got my masters degree on album production in London, I started playing piano in the conservatory when I was over 5 years old. So I am a musician at the same time and also produce and record bands of various styles”.
Burak is the lead singer and guitarist of the band “Pluton’u Kurtarmak” which is an industrial rock band. But he also composes soundtracks for films, plays, games and commercials. Turkish captain thinks that the creation of such international music show is not easy, but possible.
HMBIA News glad that our friends from all over the world took our experiment with enthusiasm and supported it. Their consent does not mean that such a band could actually exist, but it is always pleasant that HMB sports unites such different, but such similar people.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania