Molodetskaya Udal-2018: results

31 Jan 2018 18:40

One of the qualifying stages of forming the National Team of Russia for the World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations” -2018 in Rome has come to the end. On the 27-28 of January Ekaterinburg held the regional HMB Russia tournament of the 1 league called “Molodetkaya Udal” -2018. The tournament is a part of the Buhurt League System, so it will be held according to the common HMBIA standards and rules for all countries.

There were 8 teams from the clubs “Bern”, “Hansa”, “Confederation of the Hospitaller”, “Golden Lion” and “Maltese Cross” on the list. The geography of the tournament was extensive – almost all cities of the Urals were represented here. On the first day, there were buhurts “5 vs 5″ and mass gatherings. The result of the battles was as follows:

HMBIA News asked one of the organizers – Sergei Platonov to tell us about the results of the tournament: “The three largest inter-club union of the Urals – “KonGo”, “Bern” and “Hansa” were finding out in a tense and uncompromising struggle who is the strongest team now. The victory of the tournament went to the team “ConGo-1.” The efforts of the “ConGo” fighters were not in vain. I`m happy for the guys. The “Bern” club showed a very decent result – the 2nd and 3rd places. But almost everybody was a bit disappointed with the result of the “Hansa” – the fourth place, despite the fact the fighters fought desperately, but something prompts – the captain and club fighters will make right conclusions and we will be pleasantly surprised at the next tournament”.

The second day was for duel categories: “Sword and Shield”, “Sword and Buckler” and “Longsword”. Anyone from any region of Russia could participate in them, of course if a fighter has equipment the corresponds to HMBIA rules. The absolute winner in all three categories was Sergey Shklyaev from Izhevsk.

The Knight marshal of the tournament was the international judge Eduard Geyt coordination with the head of the HMB Russia Marshal Committee Sergei Bogonenko.

In addition, during the tournament Vitaliy Gryzlov from the “Bern” HMB-club held a workshop for all who comes to the event . The program of the workshop included drill tactics, work with weapons and physical preparation for drill. It was attended by many beginning fighters for whom communication with ones is extremely necessary to create a successful sport career. According to the feedback of the participants, the workshop was constructive and useful.

HMBIA News have to mention there was one more important workshop on the “Molodetskaya Udal”-2018. Sergey Boganenko headed a seminar for trainees, who wants to become certified HMB marshals.

HMBIA News have to remind you that the winners of this tournament and other qualifying regional stages will go to the “Recon” festival in St. Petersburg on the 23d-24th of February to form the Russian National team for the “Battle of the Nations” -2018.


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